XPG Summoner Mechanical RGB Gaming Keyboard Review - Something new after a long time.

Updated: Mar 27, 2020

Well, its 2020 and if you're looking for a mechanical gaming keyboard then you'll be confused about which one to go for as the market is flooded with RGB Keyboards now.

When it comes to keyboards the first things that I look for are
  • Type of switches

  • Build Quality

  • RGB Illumination

  • Features

  • Customizability

And there are only a handful of em who got it all right - One of them is the XPG Summoner. The Summoner comes with 3 types of key switches

  • Cherry MX Red

  • Cherry MX Blue

  • Cherry MX Speed Silver

Which covers the majority of gamers out there as these are the most used & preferred key switches. The one we got had Cherry MX Speed Silver switches.

As far as build quality goes the Summoner gets an 8/10 rating for using Aluminium Frame & high-quality plastic making it one of the premium ones out there.

The Sandblasted top plate really makes a difference as it gives it a much premium look and feel plus allows the RGB light to spread evenly.

If we take a look at the features keyboard offers it'll be

● CHERRY MX RGB Key Switches

● 7 Pre-Defined RGB Modes

● Magnetic Ergonomic Wrist Rest

● Media Control Key

● Macro Keys

● 100% Anti-Ghosting Keys

● Sandblasted Aluminum Frame Design

● USB Passthrough

● 9 Replaceable Red Keycaps

What do you get inside the box?

The keyboard comes well packed in a box & inside its well protected with two thick foam blocks to absorb any shock while in transit & cardboard sections along with a plastic covering the keyboard.

The keyboard comes with a thick braided cable which kinds looks off, though the main reason behind it is that the keyboard has a USB Passthrough so the cable has two cables inside one for the Keyboard and another one for the passthrough port.

Along with the keyboard you get 9 Red keycaps, A keycap puller, warranty guide, Manual & a magnetic wrist rest which is super comfy.

A closer look

Keeping aside the fact the keyboard looks awesome. The first thing that you'll immediately notice is that the keyboard despite being slim has a heft to it that not only give it a quality feel but the sandblasted aluminum top plate makes the keyboard much more durable and premium looking as said earlier.

On the topic of the keycaps, the keycaps are UV coated - The font size could have been a bit bigger but no complaints here as its quite readable with and without the RGB turned On.

Customizability ?

Here's where I was a bit let down by the fact that the XPG Summoner doesn't have and software customizability what so ever and you're stuck with 7 pre-configured RGB modes.

Although there are things that you can tweak like the lighting profiles, macros and more which are well described in the manual.

Unlike other keyboards the profiles are stored in the memory so once you edit one its two clicks away to changing it to the configured profile without any hassle - So basically you won't need to create profiles again when you turn on the keyboard.

The keyboard also has a game mode that allows you to disable keys like windows key, the keyboard also features 100% anti-ghosting which is cool plus you still can record macros as you do on other keyboards.

The keyboard has a volume wheel that you can use to turn up or turn down the volume - though I wish you could scroll webpages with it or maybe scroll through the premiere pro timeline - sadly it only allows you to change the volume. Next to it is a mute button to mute system audio.


At this price point and the features combined - this is surely an awesome choice as it has all of the most premium feel and build quality - though every great product comes with downsides too. Here are a few that I found

- The cable is too thick - cable managing will be a bit of an issue if your setup real estate is limited.

- No RGB Customizability through software means no sync with the rest of the components. - Scroll wheel only works as an volume controller.


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