VE 6XC- Vision Ears 6 X-control- An excellent choice if you can afford it ;)

VISION EARS is a small and owner driven company in the heart of cologne/Germany. They are well known in the audiophile community and other sound enthusiast communities and have been making iems (mostly customs) for the past decade. The Best thing, their office is always open for people to try out their iem which is big + in my book. Given my interaction and the wonderful nature of one of their Owners, @AminKarimpour , I am awed by the humble nature and friendliness of the person. His dedication and fast response to any questions I had during the review tour, I am have become a fan of him. Their VE Premium line which includes the EVE 20 and ELYSIUM and their VE custom line consisting of VE 2-8 (now having Universal options too) have created a great deal of name and fame for their wonderful Sound Signature and looks.

DISCLAIMER- Today I am getting to review the VE 6XC- Vision Ears 6 X-control. This has been provided to me by Vision Ears in exchange for my honest opinion for which I am grateful to both Vision Ears & Amin Karimpour and a Friend of mine for whom it was possible.

VE 6XC-It encompasses two different iems all together with a switch on its faceplate. Its two different iems VE 6X1 and X2 in one iem (A proverb here- “One arrow two targets”) and for the first time for me, the switch makes a good enough difference between two sound signatures.


Driver count of Six balanced-armature drivers- 2 x Bass; 2 x Mids; 1 x High Mids; 1 x Highs

Impedance: 20Ω @ 1kHz

Sensitivity: 122dB @ 1mW

A SWITCH - Two switchable signatures via the XControl switch system (X1 and X2)

PRICE- 1750- € for universal and 1950 € for custom.



Now given the price of this iem and the atrocious Indian customs (which we still had to pay) this was sent in a small packet and a M size Spinfit tips.

On opening the packet,

I am greeted with carry case- written VE all on top of it and Zip puller with wonderful rubber VE written on it.

Opening the carry case -

A beautiful looking IEM which has Purple Vinyl faceplate filled with those golden and purple small foils or something really small pieces of painted aluminium (seems like purple looks like a fav colour of VE, I like purple too MY PC CASE has purple lights ha-ha).

Attached is a thin 4 strand black plastic coated 3.5mm cable and a black stock ear tips of M size.

Inside the case- I also found a pair of M size Spinfit ear tips.( forgot the pic )


The iem seems to be built of a bluish tinted transparent acrylic shell with the lovely golden and purple foil filled Vinyl face plate.

All the BA drivers can be seen through easily and No R/L written on the iem. The manufacturing date is written on the IEM – IN RED ON RIGHT IEM AND IN WHITE ON LEFT IEM denoting R and L iem. The attention to detail is so mind blowing; wow!!