The Corsair Harpoon RGB Wireless Review - Is it worth it?

2019 till now for wireless mouse category have been an unpopular option due to expense of the "Wireless Tag" as they are mostly sold as the premium model from brands. However this time Corsair Harpoon RGB Wireless breaks all the rules at comes at a price point of approx ± ₹5,500 - making it one of the most inexpensive wireless gaming mice of the year.

But don’t let the price and on top being wireless make you think its a okay-ish mouse in any way.

  • It features a top of the line PWM3325 sensor which goes up to 10,000 DPI.

  • 6 programmable mouse buttons including scroll wheel, DPI, R/L Buttons, Forward and Backward buttons.

  • RGB lighting, great build quality and finshing.

Without wasting any more time - lets checkout what else do you get with the mouse.


The Unboxing experience is so far so good. It carries the classic corsair yellow theme from other mice and after unboxing you're greeted with

1. Corsair Harpoon RGB Wireless Mouse

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The Mouse feels Solid and carries same shape as the Corsair Harpoon shape that is suitable for most of the FPS Pros and left side has textured rubber that maske it more grippy that prevent the mouse from sliding out of your hands when you're in some intense gameplay.

The mouse offers a total of 6 Buttons including

1. Left Click Button

2.Right Click Button

3.Forward Button 4.Backward Button

5. Scroll Wheel Button

6. DPI Button

which are quite premium as it uses Omron Switches, So should last about 50 Million Clicks and are super tactile, Every button is placed at the right place so overall you'd feel comfortable right away.


When it comes to size it has to suit well as - mostly brands select sizes that will suit a wide audience , But while choosing a mouse (for me) it has to be big for me to be able to use it comfortably. In this case it felt a bit short and using the mouse and was a kinda okay-ish fit for me , But it is just a personal preference, One of my friend who is a CS GO Freak, Played with it and right away liked it and surely loved the wireless variant.

Though for larger hands its a little bit small - for reference here's a example with my hand, as you can see my fingers hang past the buttons.

SENSOR & Customizability

When it comes to sensor, It has to be accurate AF and shouldn't have any acceleration to compensate for higher DPI.

Same with the Sensor of the Corsair Harpoon RGB Wireless, the mouse comes with one of the most amazing sensor. The Pixart PWM 3325, Is a amazing sensor and this sensor is still used in most premium mouse's till date.

The DPI of the PWM3325 goes upto 10,000 DPI, So should match any player's settings and it is a plug and play experience.

To top that out it supports one of the best software - Corsair iCue and there is tons of Customization available like DPI, Programming Buttons, RGB, and Sensor Calibration.


Here comes the surprise - I was blown away by the performance of the mice.

It was simply a seamless transformation - let it be wired or wireless - the Harpoon RGB Wireless never skipped or missed tracking and i can guarantee the advertised sub-1ms respose is true.

as for the test i tested away from my pc like 20fts and it worked seamlessly how ever Corsair says it can work for like 60fts away from a source. To know more about slipstream here's a video from HardwareCanucks

As for backup on 2.4GHz mode - It lasted for like 1 week without and buts. without needing to charge though if you want more out of the battery you can turn off the RGB in order to increase battery life.


The Corsair Harpoon RGB Wireless is almost too good to be true, due to its super low price and astonishing performance without latency and a awesome battery life.

Last but not the least we loved the mice and its features sadly the only con we could find is that its is small for people with large hands - rest there's nothing we could find to complain about the mice.