1)Sub-bass has good depth and warmth and extension 2)Good depth 3)NO metallic timbre or sibilance that I could feel 4)Smooth treble 5)Good for fast paced tracks


1)Mid-bass feels too much artificially enhanced 2)Soundstage isn’t wide or tall 3)Mids lacks the bite 4)Vocals need more energy (Female vocals)

5)Price-29,990 INR ( you can find it cheaper on Amazon, HPZ and THeaudiostore)


is a German privately held audio company founded in 1945, specializing in the design and production of a wide range of high-fidelity products, including microphones, headphones, telephone accessories and aviation headsets for personal, professional and business applications. Its famous for their impressive line of Headphones like HD6 series and HD800s. For me they have a special place in my heart since it’s their HD558 Headphone that started me on my audiophile journey. I have never heard any Sennheiser IEMs except the cheap ones so this is my foray into their iems segment. So today I will be reviewing the Sennheiser IE300 a single DD iem with their proprietary DD driver. It has a impedance of 16ohm and a sensitivity of 124 dB (1 kHz / 1 Vrms). Disclaimer : The unit was provided to me by Sennheiser India as a part of review tour in exchange for my honest opinion and i am very grateful for this opportunity. You can buy the Sennheiser IE300 here...


Let’s begin from the packaging and as well all know from the headphone segment of Sennheiser, this is usually not a great experience except Massdrop HD6xx and 58x(Now they are just-DROP) and now probably the HD8xx. But this time it’s Different!!! The unboxing was really good, I was expecting just a cardboard box 🤣

It comes in a decent phone like package which slides out slowly like an ice cream melting from the cone YUMMY. Inside we find the Iems in their bed waiting to be awoken and a cable attached to them slowly receding into another box. Inside the other box, oh my!!!😍

There’s a Hard-shell case ( fabricated on top ) and damn looks and feels great (more on it later)

  1. Few paper work

  2. The Cable terminating into a rather uninspiring 3.5mm right angled connector . Then, I wondered where did the tips go haha, on opening the hard-shell case, lo and behold, I see

  • Small semi opaque paper bag (Environment conscious Sennheiser NICE) containing three SML sizes silicon tips and three SML sizes Foam tips

  • An iem cleaning tool.

Now coming on to the accessories-😋

  1. The three silicon Tips SML sizes are soft and comfortable and somehow have a foam inside them . Now I did not find a seal at all with those silicon tips( I am an M size guy mostly but not even L gave me a good seal but it was super comfy) , but the seal is subjective so have your own pick of tips.

  2. The three foam tips SML sizes are a whole different story, these are one of the best foam tips I have ever seen , super comfy , easily comes back to its original state and gave a perfect seal . But they also had a foam inside them , which leads me to think Sennheiser did some extra tuning with these foam inserts added. Hope you can see the foam inside in the pic