PUBG Mobile Gets a 6hr gameplay limit in INDIA

The six-hour gameplay restriction on PUBG Mobile is only there for the Indian players, players from rest of the world haven't been affected.

After multiple arrests in India and concerns over people playing their game for too long, Tencent Games and PUBG Corporation seem to have caved into pressure. Gamers say the makers of the wildly popular mobile game PUBG Mobile (PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Mobile) seem to have implemented a play time restriction of six hours.

However, gamers say that this restriction is applicable only for Indian players, while players from rest of the world haven’t been affected.

PUBG Mobile did not respond to queries on the alleged restriction. This article will be updated as soon as they do.

According to the new restriction that gamers say they are seeing, players are shown a warning first after the two hours of gameplay, and then after four hours, stating that they are soon going to reach the limit. After six hours of gameplay, gamers say they are shown a pop-up box labelled ‘health reminder’. Players are told they have played for six hours, and that they need to come back after 24 hours have passed. SOURCE : Indian Express

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