Phanteks - MetallicGear new ATX Mid-Tower Cases and Fans at CES 2019

January 8th, 2019 -MetallicGear announces three new cases to the Neo Series and the newly developed Skiron fans.

Expanding the MetallicGear NEO Series

MetallicGear will unveil three new design to the MetallicGear Neo Series. The new ATX mid-tower Neo Series provides uncompromised value and function in three different styles. The new Neo Series includes the Neo Silent, Neo Air, and Neo-G.

NEO Silent - Subtle and Silent

Comes with a silent front panel design with sound insulation.

NEO Air - High Airflow Mesh Design

The NEO AIR comes with MG’s characteristic mesh design that offers high-airflow performance. Comes with 2x Skiron 120 RGB fans

NEO-G - Designed to Impress

Tempered glass front panel with addressable RGB fans. Comes equipped with 2x Skiron 120 Digital fans


The new Metallicgear Skiron Fans are designed to optimized and enhance static pressure for better cooling performance. The nine blades design is highly efficient in producing optimal air pressure and balanced airflow. The Skiron’s frame geometry helps improve the performance of the fan and the included dampening washers help reduces vibration. The Skiron Series will be available with three options: Skiron, Skiron RGB, and Skiron DRGB.


NEO SILENT - July 19 - ₹4,999

NEO AIR (color: Black and White) - July 19 - ₹5,499 NEO-G - July 19 - ₹6,499

SKIRON 140mm | 120mm - May 19 - ₹4,29

SKIRON RGB 120mm - May 19 - ₹5,49 140mm - ₹6,29

SKIRON D-RGB - May 19 - 120mm - ₹8,99 | 140mm - ₹9,49