MSI Online New Product Launch – TECH MEETS AESTHETIC – Is Upcoming

SI, a world leading gaming brand, is going to hold an online new product launch on June 1 st. Custom-designed for gamers, creators, and business elites, a series of high-end products including laptops, monitors, desktops, graphics cards, motherboards, and peripherals will be unveiled in the event to meet different demands in various fields.

MSI Online New Product Launch - TECH MEETS AESTHETIC

Date│2021/6/1 (Tue.) 09:00 a.m. CEST|00:00 a.m. PDT

Online New Product Launch:

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“Providing perfect experience for users and gamers is a driving force for MSI to continually advance; integrating innovative technology and ultimate aesthetic into our products is also the constant purpose for us to be aimed at. Although the COVID-19 pandemic gives a shock to the global economy and changes people's working lives and daily lifestyles, our teams are still devoted to product design, research and development to launch the best devices for people to save inconvenience in their life. We are going to unveil MSI’s cutting-edge innovative technology through the online event and demonstrate our remarkable design ability for aesthetics to the world,” said Sam Chern, MSI Vice President of Marketing.


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