MSI B560 Memory Try It! Overclocking Competition has ended with 6200MHz frequency of DDR4 memory

MSI, a world-leading motherboard manufacturer, hosted a DDR4 memory overclocking competition from July to August 2021 (for more details you can visit, Over 100 entries received from 20+ countries*, with enthusiasts showing blistering fast memory frequencies to compete for the Optix MAG274QRF-QD, MAG CH130 X Gaming Chair, MPG CORELIQUID K360 cooler, and many more such exciting prizes!

The Intel 500 series chipset is the first time Intel has made RAM overclocking available on a B series motherboard, users can now enjoy improved performance, particularly an increase in FPS while gaming.

Furthermore, with the inclusion of MSI's exclusive "Memory Try It!" functionality in BIOS, tuning memory-related parameters is much easier, and there is no need to manually tweak all of the numbers like timings, voltages, etc. only to reach a higher frequency.

It's also the first time MSI has organized an amateur DDR4 memory overclocking competition. MSI OC lab is well known for breaking world records for CPU and memory frequencies, the vast bulk of MSI motherboards are designed to handle hardcore overclocking as well.

However, this time around MSI had restricted the use of extreme cooling solutions, to make the event more accessible for the masses. More consumers could enjoy the competition, all the while learning more about the capabilities of their DDR4 memory and the relationship between memory frequency and real-world performance.

Indonesian player achieves DDR4-6200 on MSI B560-A PRO motherboard.

Although this was not an extreme overclocking competition, and the CPU temperature could not be lower than 25 degrees Celsius, the participants have achieved some impressive results.

IvanCupa of Indonesia wins the championship with a spectacular DDR4-6200MHz achieved on the G.Skill Trident series memory stick installed on an MSI B560-A PRO, which is a 2-DIMM motherboard. Even though it’s not a motherboard designed for extreme overclockers, it still manages to handle such high frequency effortlessly.

Check out the score on CPU-Z:

The winners of Gaming Monitor, CPU Cooler, Gaming Chair, and more!

The winners and their corresponding prizes:

  • 1st Place Champion: IvanCupa(Indonesia) – Optix MAG274QRF-QD QuantumDot Gaming Monitor

  • 2nd Place Runner-up: Danteroid (Egypt) – MAG CH130 X Gaming Chair

  • 3rd PlaceRunner-up:BlueFiber(Indonesia)–MPG CORE LIQUID K360 Liquid Cooler

There are still some prizes to be announced on the Event page:

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