Hyperx Pulsefire FPS Review

When it comes to my mouse of choice, I always narrow it down to SHAPE | SIZE | SENSOR

and the Hyperx Pulsefire FPS Check all of the above.


The Unboxing experience is so far so good. It carries the Classic Hyperx Red Accent in the box with the red color line showing in the middle of the box.

Box Contents

1. Hyperx Pulsefire FPS

2. Congratulation on Joining the Hyperx Family letter

3. Quick Start Guide

The mouse is packed tight with the Plastic covering protecting it from any accidental damages during shipping and was pretty tightly held in place and comes with a high quality braided wire So thumbs up to Hyperx for that!


The Mouse feels Solid and carries and generic shape that is most suitable for most of the FPS Pros and does have large grippy side grips that prevent the mouse from sliding out of your hands when you're in some intense gameplay.

The mouse offers a total of 6 Buttons including 1. Left Click Button

2.Right Click Button

3.Forward Button 4.Backward Button 5. Scroll Wheel Button

6. DPI Button

which are super premium as it uses Omron Switches, So should last about 20Million Clicks and are super tactile, Every button is placed at the right place so overall you'd feel comfortable right away.


When it comes to size I have large hands, So when choosing a mouse it has to be big for me to be able to use it comfortably. In this case I was really comfortable using the mouse and was a perfect fit for me as I was using a Similar shaped mouse before the Corsair Ironclaw RGB though to be noted the height of the mouse is lower than the Ironclaw RGB, But it is just a personal opinion, One of my friend who is a CS GO Freak, Played with it and right away liked it.


When it comes to sensor, It has to be accurate AF and shouldn't have any acceleration to compensate for higher DPI. Same with the Sensor of the Hyperx Pulsefire FPS, the mouse comes with one of the most amazing sensor. The Pixart PWM 3310, Is a amazing sensor and this sensor is still used in most current mouse's.

The DPI of the PWM3310 ranges from 400 to 3200 DPI, So should match any player's settings and it is a plug and play experience.

Though there is no Software Customization available for DPI, So you rely on the pre-set DPI.