Hyperx Pulls of a hilarious April Fools Day Prank

Over the last few days, gamers saw all sorts of crazy stories about HyperX launching the new HyperX Cup MIX-IN headset. It was indeed a cool brand collaboration with Nissin, a maker of cup noodles. As a prank on our followers for April Fool’s Day, we announced this new ground breaking headset, with NoodletteTM  Earcups to eliminate the slurping noise and MicrophorkTM microphone to speak clearly.

The success of this brand collaboration was evident from the magnitude of engagements we initiated in our target audience. The result of this fun-prank was amazing and we received over 700 collective queries for this non-existing HyperX Cup Mix-in headset. Not just that, with our HyperX India Facebook page, we reached to more than 10K people and gathered good engagement.