Corsair IronClaw RGB Review

When it comes to my mouse of choice, I always narrow it down to SHAPE | SIZE | SENSOR

The Corsair IronClaw RGB nails it in every way ❤


The unboxing was pretty great, Packaging quality was top notch and it was so secure that even you drop it from 6ft. I won't damage the mouse.

*Though I don't recommend doing it.


Corsair IronClaw RGB

Product Manual

Warranty Guide


The Mouse feels Solid and carries and well-known shape that is most suitable for most of the FPS Pros & on top of that the mouse has a good height compared to other alternatives, So peeps with large hands like mine will have a great time using the mouse. Every key is placed at the right spot making it even more enjoyable, now coming to the buttons you get

1. Left Click Button

2.Right Click Button

3.Forward Button

4.Backward Button

5. Scroll Wheel Button

6. DPI Button

7. Profile Switch Button Moreover the Corsair IronClaw RGB uses Omron Switches, So should last about 50 Million Clicks

as stated by Corsair and are super tactile just what you'd expect.


I have to break it out at this point that this is a big mouse but for my hand size it was perfect & yours may vary.

I was really comfortable using the mouse and was a perfect fit for me as I was using a Similar shaped mouse before the Hyperx Pulsefire FPS. As the height of the IronClaw RGB is higher than the Hyperx Pulsefire FPS I was more comfortable using it compared to the Hyperx Pulsefire FPS.

And i forgot to tell you guys that this one comes with braided cable?


Sensor - The one thing that you can't choose wrong or else the mouse is flawed.

Corsair made sure that you get the best of the best for the price you pay. They went with one of the best sensors, The Pixart PWM3391 with highest DPI of 18,000 !

The DPI aswell as the RGB Zone can be configured with the powerful iCUE Software that allows heck a ton of customization and each key of this mouse can be mapped to macros which is crazily amazing.


Mouse Warranty: Two years Prog Buttons: 7 DPI: 18,000 DPI Sensor: PMW3391 Sensor Type: Optical Mouse Backlighting: 1 Zone RGB On Board Memory: Yes On-board Memory Profiles: 1 Mouse button Type: Omron Connectivity: Wired Mouse Button Durability: 50M L/R Click Grip Type: Palm

Weight: 105g (w/out cable and accessories) CUE Software: Supported in iCUE Cable: 1.8m Braided Fiber Game Type: FPS, MOBA Report Rate: Selectable 1000Hz/500Hz/250Hz/125Hz

Every Product has some drawbacks and same with the IronClaw RGB but the exception being it has only one

1. Hollowed Section under the mouse below the Forward and Backward Buttons.

Which In my honest opinion isn't a flaw, yeah they could have filled it with plastic or simply covered it, But yeah the reason behind leaving it hollowed was to keep the mouse as light as possible.


1. Awesome build quality

2. High quality braided cable.

3. Good sensor - PWM3391

4. Easily accessible buttons

5. Omron Switches 6. All Keys are Programmable 7.RGB 8. Good Quality Side Grips 9. Comfortable Shape 10. Surface Calibration Available