Pros: 1) Wider head stage and stage depth and layering 2) Better controlled bass 3) No midbass bleed (Blons had it a slight amount, without mod and tips) 4) More inter-notes separation 5) Slightly more details and transparency than Blon 03

Cons: 1) Seems compressed (change of cable) 2) Bass needs more punch 3) Fit might be an issue

BLON as a chifi company needs no introduction. The blons 03 made a huge wave in the audiophile world and it still is a great option. But now they have moved to newer models and hence comes from the bean (aka Blons 03) to macaroni (aka BLON – MINI ). So today we have “The Macaroni among Blon Familia in for review- THE BLON-BL-MINI”. DISCLAIMER- THIS IS A LOANED UNIT FROM MY FRIEND AND ALSO OWNER OF THEAUDIO STORE AND ALL THANKS TO HIM TO LET ME TRY IT AND YOU CAN FIND MORE ON THE PRICE HERE UNBOXING- It is a simple cardboard box and rest the pics will dictate.


  • One 6mm DD

  • Impedance: 16Ω

  • Sensitivity: 20Hz-20000Hz

  • Interface: 3.5mm

  • Cable length:1.2m silver cable

  • Mic optional – mine had it

  • Driver: 6mm dynamic driver

BUILD AND FIT- Seems like a stainless-steel build with the shape of macaroni. It fit me fine with the stock tips but I would suggest to change tips. But after long hours (ahmm 1 hour), it did become slightly uncomfy with stock tips and hence I changed tips to what I use with blons (can’t remember the name of it though, but its good tips). Still, I needed to reinsert after an hour to prevent my ears. But it isn’t a bad fit just needs some getting used to that’s all.

CABLE- It’s difficult but the cable is pretty good for me & it wasn’t microphonic at all. Though if you live in a humid climate this might stick to your skin a bit. The mic is okayish, it picks up a lot of background noise. Though using better cables would be a better idea since the stock cable compresses the dynamics a lot.


  • A WHITE typical blon cloth bag

  • Tips 3 of those normal ones

  • 1 ‘M’ pair of a slightly longer CP800 type tip