BenQ Zowie Celeritas II Review

Updated: Feb 25, 2019

BenQ's gaming division - "Zowie" has been accruing product and reputation over the last few years lately. One of the most amazing product like the Zowie XL2546 been popping up lately due to top end quality and performance by Zowie, To which its coming in soon on Techbooze

There was the Celeritas at the beginning with Cherry MX RED, and simply put "Celeritas" means speed in latin and it does stays true to the word. | Now Zowie games up with Celeritas II with Flaretech Optical Key switches instead of using Mechanical Key switches though they didn't wanted to take away the tactile feel of a Mechanical Keys, after-all at the end we strive for the tactile feedback.


You get Service information guide with a PS/2 to USB Converter for RTR (Real Time Response). and You get product manual.

Zowie use Specially cut foam to prevent any unwanted damage to the keyboard while in transit.

Talking about the specs

Interface: USB + PS2Key

Switch: Flaretech Optical (linear)

Key Travel: 1.9mm

Actuation Force: 33g initial, 55g +/- peak

Polling Rate: 1000Hz (default)

N-Key Rollover: Yes

Real-Time Response: 1x, 2x, 4x, 8x over PS/2

Illumination: Red LED

BacklitSize (cm): 44.2 x 17 x 3.8

Weight (kg): 1.89


Design wise the Celeritas II actually carries the look from the Celeritas I and I'm actually comfortable with it. It carries a boxy body with rounded edges & the RED backlight does really blends with the keyboard. Though with every good product does comes some bad stuff, While these doesn't affect your gamplay.


- No RGB

- Non-Detachable Cable

- No tilt adjustment available


Zowie Celeritas II is a full sized layout keyboard. Though the keyboard only represents the essential factors when it comes to performance. Rather than using cherry MX keys like every other manufacturer's use they went for "Flaretech Optical Keys", though at this point you might think that those are the low performing optical key switches that you see on other optical gaming keyboards, BUT you'd be wrong here, Cause these aren't your normal Flaretech switches. These are specially made OEM key switches for Zowie, So the feel and the performance that you get from the keys are not comparable to other keyboards. It does have N-Key Rollover so, you can smash keys together and it would still register then effortlessly. Another thing is that the switches are rated at 100Million keystrokes instead of being 50Million on the Cherry MX keys, So A lot durable than mechanical keys.

When the windows lock is enabled the windows key actually works like a RCTRL so accidental pressed won't open start while you are gaming and won't ruin you gameplay.


Simply put the Zowie Celeritas II is made for extreme gamers who don't care for fancy lights at all and thrives for pure performance without any distractions. I really had a fun time reviewing it and I did streams with the Celeritas II. Its a lot consistent than other modern keyboards, though I wish it had RGB, and I don't have any complaints regarding the precision of this keyboard.

Video Review of the Zowie Celeritas II

Part of that stream XD