Be Bold and Gold as ever GALAX GeForce GTX 1650 EX series

15 th April, 2019 GALAX GeForce® GTX 1650 EX graphics cards is built behind the idea that

The Turing GTX cards is to bring the performance gains of the new architecture. The 80mm

dual fans and aluminum plate offers stunning heat dissipation, work together with the

quality customized PCB consists of outstanding materials, boosting performances has never

been easier. On top of that, the new GALAX member does not require any external power

supply, making the GALAX GeForce® GTX 1650 EX an excellent choice for many budget PC


NVIDIA Launch Date: 23-Apr-19

GPU: TU117-300

Process: 12nm

Streaming Processing Unit: 896

Idle Board Power: N/A

Max Board Power: 75W

Power Connectors: N/A

Memory Size : 4096MB

Type: DDR5

Memory Width: 128-bit

Memory Bandwidth: 128 GB/s

Interface: PCI-E 3.0

Dimensions(with Bracket): 196*126*39 mm

Dimensions(without Bracket): 181*97*33 mm

Core Clock: 1485 MHz

Boost Clock: 1680 MHz

Over Clock - ○or× O - With 1-Click OC Support

Memory Memory Clock (effective): 8 Gbps

Over Clock - ○or× ×

1st output: DisplayPort 1.4 Max: 4096x2160@60Hz

Output (from left) 2nd output : HDMI 2.0b Max: 4096x2160@60Hz

3rd output: DVI-D Max: 2560x1600

SLI / CrossFire: N/A

Software SLI / Crossfire : N/A

Fan FAN : Custom Dual Fan

Slot: 2

FAN Control: ○or× ○

Back Plate: ○or× X

DirectX: DirectX 12

Windows support: Windows 7-10, 64-bit

Minimum Power Supply: 300W



6-pin power converter

8-pin power converter

Mini HDMI to HDMI converter

Mini HDMI to HDMI cable

HDMI to DVI converter


User Manual

Driver CD