Ant Esports GM300 RGB | GM100 RGB Review.

Ant Esports recently launched two new mice - The GM300 & The GM100, Surprising thing is both comes within the sub 1500 budget. So without further ado lets check it out.


This is where things get interesting - the mouse is relatively low priced compared to the features

offered here. The Ant Esports GM300 costs - ₹1,335/- The Ant Esports GM100 costs - ₹849/-

Unboxing & First Impressions

Unboxing was subpar as expected and it's hard to get a great unboxing experience at this price point, specially when at this price you get mostly boring office mouse. Talking about the first experience - The material used here feels like kind of the mixture between velvet and rubber - which actually feels nice in hand, though the downside here is that what ever material they used here is really thin and in the longer run might peel off - Again just guesses here - Mostly it won't happen.


When it comes to size it has to suit well as - most brands select sizes that will suit a wide audience , But while choosing a mouse (for me) it has to be big for me to be able to use it comfortably.

In this case it felt a really good as it actually has the same shape as a Logitech G502 and using the mouse and was a good fit for me , however its way lighter than the Logitech G502 though the 2019-2020 trend has been to go for the lightest so I think the lighter the better suited for users.

SENSOR & Customizability

When it comes to sensor, It has to be accurate AF and shouldn't have any acceleration to compensate for higher DPI.

Though this time where I was let down by the sensor as it was really kinda usable with the stock settings but there was surely acceleration to compensate for higher DPI. Which is an big issues when you change the the DPI to higher levels.

Rest there is no complain with stock settings, And there are customization available like DPI, Programming Buttons & RGB modes.

And this applies to both of the mouse as they use the same software as only the from layout is different on the software.


Both of theses mice are good, due to its super low price RGB, customization and kinda good sensor - for the budget I can't really expect more from the GM100 - and for the GM300 I think its justified in the budget point.