Achievement Unlocked- 3M Gaming Monitors Sold within 3 Years

Since then, MSI has re-affirmed its commitment to quality and delivered value to gamers time and again. And over the years, it has learned more about what gamers love and have focused on designing the best display products on the market.

Today, it knows that this commitment hasn’t gone unnoticed!

“MSI’s 114% YoY growth far exceeded the market average and was the highest among the top five largest gaming monitor brands.” – Trendforce

MSI is proud to announce a groundbreaking milestone for its Gaming Monitors – 3 million Gaming Monitors sold in just 3 years! As a relatively fresh entrant to display technology, this is an honor for the company that has spent considerable time and effort to really understand what gamers want out of a Gaming Monitor.

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Counting Milestones: An Epic Quest for Excellence

A focused goal of delivering the ultimate gaming experience still drives MSI to achieve. A never-ending pursuit of perfection. However, it all began in November of 2016 with the launch of the MSI Optix G27C Gaming Monitor.

Gamers Choice: A Look at MSI’s Most Popular Monitors

  • Top Hits of All Time (until 2020): Although gamers loved all MSI monitors, some are bound to stand out more than others. These MSI monitors captured the attention of gamers worldwide and were the top sellers in the MSI monitor lineup over these years.

  • MAG241C

  • G27CQ4

  • G27C4

  • G271

  • G24C4

  • G241

  • Latest Hits: While MSI’s top sellers have been around for a while, these new entrants hit the ground running and have been steadily climbing the ranks. Boasting excellent sales and top-notch reviews, these monitors are the latest and greatest in the MSI monitor lineup in 2021.

  • MAG274QRF

  • G24C6P

  • G242

  • G241V

  • Award Winners: Some MSI monitors not only captured the attention of gamers, but they also enjoyed critical acclaim. These monitors boast multiple Editor’s Choice awards and buying recommendations from large publications and tech shows – making them true winners in MSI’s monitor lineup.

  • MAG274QRF-QD

  • MAG251RX

  • G273QF

Growing Stronger Together: Upping the Display Technology Game

MSI’s partners also took the opportunity to reiterate their commitment to working together and continuing to deliver incredible gaming experiences. Microsoft has remained an integral partner, allowing MSI to design a more fluid, cohesive experience for gamers using their Gaming Monitors and Microsoft Windows.

“Congratulations to MSI on selling over 3M units of Gaming Monitors. Microsoft is honored to witness our partner’s milestone. We wish MSI succes